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WVU invite
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Below is the invite.  Tournament will be open on Tabroom later today.

Dear Friends and Colleagues:
On behalf of the West Virginia University Debate team, I am pleased to invite you to the John A. Jacobsohn Memorial Mountaineer Debates, to be held in Morgantown, November 14-16, 2014.  The tournament, sponsored by WVU’s Eberly College of Arts and Sciences will be sanctioned by CEDA.  We will observe the CEDA by-laws .  The WVU debate team supports CEDA’s sexual harassment policy, and we will enforce it.

As indicated, the tournament will continue to honor the memory of our late colleague John Jacobsohn.  The Sunday morning  awards ceremony will feature the presentation of the Jacobsohn Award to a member of the debate community who has also done significant public service.  We expect to be joined at the ceremony by Professor Jacobsohn’s family. We will also be presenting the Peter Borsay Memorial Award to a member of the debate community who has served in the military and has employed the power of words to resolve conflicts peacefully, and the Douglas Rogers Memorial Award to a debater who has sacrificed individual success for team success.  Nominations (or even quick suggestions) for these three awards may be made by email to me at by November 1.  
We will hold 6 preliminary rounds of debate in each division (Open, Junior Varsity, and Novice, as per the CEDA definitions), followed by the appropriate number of elimination rounds. We will clear up to half of the teams in each division.  WVU debaters may participate in the tournament.  They will be eligible to clear, and they will be eligible for speaker awards.  There will be an independent tab room, consisting of Christy Dunn of Boston College, Melissa Mistretta of Army, and most likely a player to be named later.  I will serve as tournament director but will of course not make any decisions on issues involving WVU teams.  Among my duties as tournament director will be the hiring of extra judging that increases both the quality and diversity of the judging pool and ensuring that we implement CEDA’s affirmative action policies in judge placement.

Hybrid teams are welcome, and they are eligible to clear and receive speaker awards.  Maverick entries are not permitted prior to the tournament, but if circumstances arise, they will be allowed on an individual basis (with a strong presumption to allow them).
The resolution will be this year’s CEDA resolution, and the time limits will be 9-3-6, with ten minutes of preparation time for each side. Rounds 1 and 2 will be preset.  Rounds 3 and 4 will be high-low within brackets; both will be powered off of round 2.  Rounds 5 and 6 will be power-paired, high-low within brackets, off the results of all previous rounds..

Awards will be given to all teams reaching Octafinals, and to the top 10 speakers in each division.  Ties between teams will be broken on the basis of:
1. adjusted points
2. total points
3. opponent wins
4. random
Speaker awards will be based upon adjusted points.  Ties will be broken by:
1. total points
2. double-adjusted points
3. judge variance
Judges:  Each school is responsible for providing 3 rounds of judging for each team entered in the tournament.  A limited amount of hired judging may be available (at $150 per team).  
All judges are required to judge through the octafinal round or one round after your last team is eliminated, whichever occurs later (though we will of course do our best to get eliminated schools on the road as early as possible).  We will use a mutually preferred judging system, and the tabroom will probably be instructed to seek to place judges in the top 80 percent of each team’s preferences, and with a mutuality difference of less than 30 (though we expect the vast majority of judge placements to come from your top 40-50%).  Teams can help both the tournament and everyone’s preference performance by not striking Novice-only judges.  All preferences recorded by 1:00 pm on Friday will go into effect for round 1.
Entries:  Please send your entries by 4:00 PM on Wednesday, November 12.  Entries should be made through  TOURNAMENT ENTRY IS FREE FOR ALL, but we will still provide a variety of amenities,  These will include coffee and snacks (healthy and otherwise) throughout the tournament, a box lunch on Sunday, the extra hired judging, and quality awards.  If you use the tournament hotel (and you should), you will get a pretty good breakfast.  Lunch on Saturday is on your own in the Mountainlair Student Union food court, which is cheap and just across the street from the tournament.  We will allow enough time for lunch before releasing round 5 pairings.
We would be especially appreciative of early entry estimates.  Late changes should be made via email to or cell phone (412-445-3957),.  
The tournament hotel will be the Hampton Inn of Morgantown, which is a really nice facility (1053 Van Voorhis Road, Morgantown, WV  26505).  On Saturday and Sunday, the drive to the tournament will be about 5 minutes (even teams from NYC will tell you that Friday afternoon Morgantown traffic should not be trifled with).  Their phone number is 304-599-1200.  You should ask for the WVU Debate block.  If you have an issue, ask to speak to the sales manager, Clinton Kinder.  The rate is $99 per night, which includes a fairly substantial free breakfast.  There are about 35 double-doubles, and a larger supply of rooms with a king and sofabed.  The block closes on October 30, but reserve quickly to get those double-doubles.

We will provide information on parking and wireless (the former will only be an issue on Friday, and the latter is easy) as the tournament approaches.  Two other things:
1.    People who have come to our tournament before have asked if we can alter the topography.  We took it all the way to the Governor’s office, but they were pretty big on us keeping our hills.  However, given the rooms we have reserved, we should be able to keep each division in a cluster of 1-2 buildings.  Also, a high speed elevator added during a recent renovation in one of the tournament buildings will help (as will the transition to paperless).
2.   WVU is now a non-smoking campus.  That means anywhere.  If you are cited for smoking not only will I be unable to help you; I will probably also be amused.
Tentative Schedule
Friday, November 14:
With no fees, there will be no in-person registration per se.  Simply call 412-445-3957 once you are Morgantown-bound to confirm your entry.  We will collect hired judging fees as we see you.
4:00 pairings released
4:20  classrooms available
4:45 round 1
7:15 round 2
Saturday, November 15:
7:00  Pairings for rounds 3 and 4 released.
8:00 Round 3
10:30 Round 4
12:30  Lunch on your own in Mountainlair Student Union
2:00 round 5
5:00 round 6
In the unlikely event that Double Octafinals are necessary, they will occur on Saturday evening, and we will provide pizza for participants.  Bracket will be released on Saturday night as soon as possible.
Sunday, November 16:
7:00 pairings released
8:00 first elimination round of the day
10:45 tournament awards ceremony in B&E 458
11:30 box lunches provided
12:30 second outround
3:30  third outround
6:15 fourth outround as needed

The hills of West Virginia are beautiful any time of the year, but they are especially pretty in November (really!).  We hope to see many of you, and we look forward to returning the hospitality that many of you have shown us these past several years.
Neil Berch
Associate Professor of Political Science
and Debate Coach
on behalf of the WVU Debate Team
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