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Dear debate community,

The IU debate team will be hosting our 4th annual Hoosier High School Debate Camp (HDC) this summer. The dates for the policy scholar’s camp are June 24th – July 11th. This lab is for experienced policy debate students. The regular two-week labs for Public Forum, Policy, and Lincoln Douglas will begin on June 27th and end on July 11th. We are seeking flexible lab leaders who would be willing to teach in any of the labs. We are also seeking employees who will help manage the dorm rooms and the camp office.

If you wish to apply, please send your application to the IU Director of Debate at Include a resume of debate experience, including teaching experience, and rate your ability and willingness to teach in each of the three major high school debate areas. Please include contact information for two references that can verify your professionalism and ability. Please include information about travel needs.

The HDC is one of the cheapest camps in the Midwest. We have catered to students from over 17 states over the last three years. Students from all backgrounds attend and we expect our staff will be able to adapt to a wide variety of student needs. National circuit students, local circuits, and urban debate students all attend.

Compensation includes a competitive salary, meals at the camp cafeteria, room and board. Travel stipends are negotiable but not guaranteed. Employees will have to pass a background check and follow university guidelines for events with minors. Indiana University Bloomington is a smoke and alcohol free campus.

If you have any other questions please send me an email.

Thank you,

Brian DeLong
IU Dir. of Debate
812-856-7585 (Office)


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Re: Hoosier Debate Camp Lab Leader and Dorm Attendant/Office Staff Call
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"...cheapest..."  least expensive  ;D
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