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Cornell Tournament - Feb 11-12 2017
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tabroom link here:

■ Cornell University - Policy Debate Tournament, “The Tournament of Love” ■

February 11-12, 2017
Cornell University, Ithaca New York

■ Competition

You are invited to compete in Cornell’s policy debate tournament, “The Tournament of Love”, on the weekend of February 11 and 12th. The topic for debates will be the 2016-2017 resolution (Resolved: The United States Federal Government should establish a domestic climate policy, including at least substantially increasing restrictions on private sector emissions of greenhouse gases in the United States). Debaters will use the 9-3-6 speech time format, with 10 minutes of prep for each side. We will have 6 prelim debates and break to the number of elim debates warranted by number of teams entered (we anticipate partial octos). Entries will be accepted in 3 divisions (novice, junior-varsity, varsity), but it is very likely that we will collapse JV and V into one division based on number of teams entered. Hybrid teams are allowed to enter. Cornell teams will enter but will not be allowed to break.

The tabroom will be operated by Vik Keenan (The New School), in Ives Hall.

Rounds for this tournament will take at Cornell University (central campus). Over the weekend you should be able to find free parking throughout campus. The closest possible parking to Ives Hall is street parking on Garden Avenue, between Tower road and Campus road. The next best street parking is on Tower road, east of Garden Avenue. There is also a university parking garage next to Hoy Field (a baseball field). This parking garage is a less then 10 minute walk from any of the main buildings on central campus.  See a map online here:

If you have any questions, contact Sam Nelson ( or Armands Revelins (, 607-339-9485).

On the same weekend, Cornell will also host tournaments for worlds debaters. These tournaments will operate completely separate from the policy schedule and location. Contact the Cornell worlds head coach, Lindsay Bing, if you would like to register for worlds:

■ Registration, Fees, and Judging

Free registration deadline: if you register teams on tabroom by Wednesday 1/25/17, then registration is free. You can even enter TBA slots on tabroom by that date to ensure free registration.

Paid registration deadline: if you register teams between Thursday 1/26/17 and Wednesday 2/8/17, then registration will cost you $25 per person. (i.e. $50 for each 2-person team, $25 for each judge, etc). The registration deadline is listed as 2/8/17.

Fines: if any registered teams no-show for a paired round, the school for that team will be fined $50 for each missed round. Illness and emergencies can be obvious exceptions. 

Each school must bring one judge for every two teams that are registered. Our geographic region significantly constrains our access to hired/extra judges. If we have extra/hired judges available, it will be a very limited amount.

On the day of the tournament, we ask that you check-in by sending us a ‘departure’ email (en route, all teams accounted for) and then a follow-up ‘arrival’ email by 9:00 pm to indicate that everyone arrived and to notify us of any registration changes (teams, judge, etc). Send the email to Armands Revelins (

■ Hotels

Best Western, 1020 Ellis Hollow Rd, Ithaca NY 14850 (607) 272-6100
Five minute drive from campus (south east of central campus). We have a block of rooms under “Debate Tournament”, $119/night for a double (room with 2 beds). The deadline for reserving any rooms with this block rate is February 1.

The Statler Hotel, 130 Statler Dr., Ithaca NY 14850 (607) 254-2500. This a very nice hotel located on Cornell’s central campus. The main upshot, if you choose to stay here, is that you could wake up and walk right from the lobby directly to where all rounds (i.e. prelims and elims) will take place. We have a block of rooms available for $155.

Econo Lodge, 2303 N. Triphammer Rd, Ithaca NY 14850 (607) 257-1400
Fifteen minutes from campus (north of central campus, near a mall area). A possible block rate is forthcoming (It will be similar to Best Western prices)

Hotel  Ithaca, 222 South Cayuga Street, Ithaca NY (607) 272-1000
Ten minutes from campus (west and downhill, near the commons/promenade). We don’t have a block of rooms reserved, but this may interest you if you want to stay closer to Ithaca’s downtown (There is a central promenade with various restaurants, shops, etc)

■ Schedule

Friday, Feb 10
-   (x - 9:00 pm) – check-in registration by email. See above.

Saturday, Feb 11
-   (6:45 am) - pairings released for R1 and R2
-   (7:00 – 8:00) light breakfast (provided)
-   (8:00 -10:00) - round 1
-   (10:00 -12:00) - round 2
-   (12:00 - 1:30) - lunch (provided)
-   (1:30 - 3:30) - round 3
-   (3:30 - 5:30) - round 4
-   (5:30 - 6:30) - dinner (provided)
-   (6:30 - 8:30) - round 5

Sunday, Feb 14
-   (7:00 am) - pairings released, light breakfast also provided
-   (8:00 - 10:00)  round 6
-   (10:30 - 11:00) awards ceremony
-   (11:30) elimination debates begin